Main Functions of Streaming Audio Capture

1. Capture all sorts of streaming audio on Internet, including online music (DRM protected music supported) and Internet radio.

2. Get 1:1 streaming audio quality without any loss.

3. Convert captured audio stream to all popular audio formats, so that you can listen to them on various portable players like iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, etc.

capture streaming audio

4. Collection function to save your favorite radio stations and music websites to "My Favorite" for your handier usage in the future.

Streaming Audio Capture is a handy audio stream capture tool to help you capture all the streaming audio through Internet. With this tool, you can easily save your favorite radio program, online music to your computer for your later enjoyment or playback on portable players. Want to listen to the latest song on your iPod? Please follow the steps below to have a try now..

Step1. Download and install Streaming Audio Capture .
Before the main interface turns up, there will be a pop-up window asking you to set the default playback device. Please select the right playback device.By clicking on Test button, you will hear testing sound if the Playback Device was correctly selected.

Shortly after the playback device was selected, there comes the interface of the program:

Step2.Go to any music sites and start playing the music.
Click on Record button if it's the right one for you. There will be audio spectrum graph on the top right showing there is music being playing:

After about 30 minutes, all the music being played has been recorded. Check the downloaded list:

When you are going to finish the recording, simply click on Stop button.

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